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  DragonFlight-Links n' Friends

The Central Texas Virtual ChronicleVisit The Central Texas Virtual Chronicle

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Most of my friends in Texas have home pages. There's everything from Star Trek to Paul McCartney. Most of them have flown with me, some would even fly again, maybe...Look in on them, telnet in, or just browse around. Their links are just after the ultralight links

Aviation Links Lots of good links to all kinds of aviation related sites, including some microlights.
For all student pilots. A wealth of information and help. Searchable databases, interactive study guides, and more.

Ultralight & Homebuilt pages

UltralightNews Your ultralight information resource site. Ultralight aircraft alert bulletins, single and two place buyers guides, tech tips, videos, prop info, FREE classifieds, aviation show info. 
Recreational Power Engineering US distributor for the Hirth line of 2 cycle aircraft engines. 
Sport Flyer Lots of Aviation Links and Information. 
Sky Adventures Many classified ads for various types of Ultralights. 
The Ultralight Homepage Airports, Instructors, Links
Ultralight Manufacturers  Links to all the manufacturers
Ultralight Aircraft  Pictures and stories
List of Ultralight Servers  More links and Info
Kitfox  A VERY nice little bird
Kitfox Builders  Commercial builder help page
Golden Circle Air  T-Bird pics and Info.
Laron Aviation  Shadow, Wizard & Tundra.
Ultralight in Brazil  A very friendly guy
Nitefly Clubs, People, Regulations, Pictures and Training
Sport Helicopters  & Pilot Global Information Exchange
Royal Air Force 2000 Gyroplane A cross country, 2 seat, quickbuild, 85mph cruise Gyroplane
Sport Int'l Inc.  Propellers, engines, gyrocopters, parachutes, paragliders
Homebuilt Homepage   Central reference to Homebuilt class aircraft
List of Homebuilt Servers  Help for many different homebuilts
Doug Fortunes'  Homebuilt Aircraft from Ultras to supersonic
Aerocrafter - Homebuilt Aircraft Sourcebook Everything to select, build, equip, fly and maintain your own aircraft
Aircraft Spruce and Specialty  Site where you can buy aircraft parts. From wood to avionics!
Nick's Microlight Pages  Trikes
ANDREW DOUGLAS  Trikes: Located in Russia
DEMON MICROLIGHTS  Trikes: Great Trike page.
TRIKES R US  Trikers informational newsletter
AERIAL PURSUITS  For Trike pilot wanna be's or builders, and just trike lovers
MARK A. TAYLOR  Tennessee Trike Pilot
NICK BOWLES  Trike pilot in England
BOB DAVIS  Air Creation Trike Dealer
A.K.S. Inc  Trike Dealer, 4 stroke motors and props
SOUTH AFRICA  Trikes in South Africa
MOUNTAINEER TRIKES  Trike Dealer and Wing Maker
AEROTRIKE  Rob Rollison Dealer and BFI
The E.A.A. Homepage  Experimental Aircraft Assoc.
Get Togethers
Sun'N Fun
U.S. Aviator Articles and news

Aviation Related (well, close)...

These are the people I hang out with back in Texas, when I'm there....  They all either drive big mean tanks that shoot bad people, or they just shoot. (It's Texas....)

(Sorry Madame Xavier and C Moon, all except for you two I mean, you are tooooo sweet to shoot anyone...)

There are several Telnet capable BBS's so join in, they are all really friendly people...

    Star Trek... A good place to visit, the Khitomer Outpost..

    [Night Stalker]
     NightStalker fixes the tanks.. (and my cars)

    [C Moon's Page]
    C Moon's Home Page .. Paul McCartney & Animal Lover

    [Maverick's Page]
    What can I say, Mav's just a little crazy.. but we love him..(Sheep hate him though)