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Learning To Fly

To rush at the wind, to soar, to fly in an ultralight is a uniquely beautiful flying experience. Discover flight as you always dreamed it could be; simple and enjoyable.
Frequently Asked Questions
FAA Regulation 103 (And a link to Canadian Regs)
(The FAA doesn't regulate ultralight aircraft as such, but these rules must be learned, and followed by all ultralight pilots.)
Homebuilt or Ultralight, which one?
(A short history of homebuilt aircraft and the requirements.)
General Aviation Private Pilot VS The Ultralight Pilot
(A comparison of the FAA private pilot program and the typical ultralight training program. Including cost, time and requirements comparison.)
Do I really want to fly ultralights?
(Some things to think about, and questions to ask yourself to determine if flying ultralights is something you REALLY want to do.)
USUA(United States Ultralight Association)Pilot Requirements
(There is no requirement to join USUA, or any pilot organization. There are no license or registration requirements for you to fly ultralight aircraft.  Joining a professional organization provides you with support and information you might not be able to get easily elsewhere.)
USUA Site List of Instructors (Find one near you)
Flight Training Schedule
(This is the training schedule I developed for my use in teaching students. Other instructors will have different techniques and schedules. Mine is dynamic in that it changes to meet the need of the individual student as will most instructors training plans.)
Stalls Explained
(A great explanation by Jon N. Steiger (, with graphics, of why an aircraft stalls, and when you understand it, stalls are easily avoided or recovered from.)
A Map to the Airfield


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