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Sport Helicopters & Gyroplanes

This page contains a mixture of homebuilt and factory ready helicopters and gyroplanes.  Most are over the weight limit to be an ultralight, but a few can be operated under ultralight rules.

Where possible, I have included a link to the aircraft manufacturer.  If the manufacturer has no web page (that I can find) I have linked the aircraft to the best web site I could find with specs and prices.

Click on the images for a full size picture

My own personal favorite, the RAF2000 cross country GyroPlane

Air Commander single and tandem seat gyro

Barnett single and tandem seat gyro

MadMax Gyro                                                   G1 Ultralight Helicopter

The Mini 500 Homebuilt Helicopter

Mark in his Baby Belle at Sun n Fun 1997
Baby Belle Homebuilt Helicopter

Simonizer Clark, August 1997

Dragon Fly

UltraSport 254
Ready to fly Ultralight helicopter
Approx $30,000

Exec 162F
RotorWay Exec homebuilt helicopter

Scorpion in Grass
RotorWay Scorpion homebuilt

Another Scorpion Page

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