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The DragonFlight Ultralight Page

I no longer have the time to keep this site updated but will leave it here to help as much as it can with old information.  There are some broken links I know, but the information should steer you in the right direction.  Be sure to call Fred if you are interested in flight instruction or have other questions.  I hope I have helped some of you with the information I gathered and presented here over the years.



Information and support for those who dream to fly.  

Stop Dreaming - Start Flying

The Central Texas Virtual Chronicle

Killeen/Temple & Central Texas

For questions or flight instruction:

Fred Vaden -  BFI

Flight Instruction
Sales, Parts & Service
Gatesville TX 

Phone 254 913 1286

Recreational aviation is taking hold in America and all over the world, and ultralights are providing an inexpensive and easy way for everyone to enjoy the age old dream of flying free. The feeling of simple, pure flight - the wind in your face, the great view, cruising above the countryside at 45 mph. It's a feeling that cannot be described to someone who hasn't had the experience.
This page is geared toward the person who hasn't quite decided to take the leap, and the one who wants to, but doesn't know how.
Here you will hopefully find answers to some of the common questions, the regulation of ultralights, some pictures and specifications of some of the more common ultralights, to include "Trikes" (weight shift), Gyroplanes, Helicopters and Powered Parachutes, as well as some light homebuilt aircraft.
All pictures and documents I believe to be public domain. Where possible I have included links back to the originating source and given credit to those that authored the informational documents.

[DragonFlight] Learning to Fly - Things you should know, consider and think about before jumping into ultralight flying
[DragonFlight] Aircraft Menu - pictures, specs, links to manufacturers
[DragonFlight] Links to ultralight sites, and some of my friends
[DragonFlight] Giant Search Engine Page and Links to Information Sites
[DragonFlight] A Map to our Airfield near Temple Texas
[DragonFlight] WebRings - To make your search for information easier

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