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Breed (including description of coat length and color)
Akita, butterscotch short hair

Age, sex and weight of the animal
3 years old, Female, 75 pounds

Spayed or neutered

 Has the animal had shots? When?
Yes, Is current

 Is dog on heartworm preventative?

 Does the animal stay inside or outside?

Personality description
When we had her she was good with all strangers including children, but is dog aggressive

Are there any behavior problems, i.e., biting, submissive urination, digging, etc?
She hates the crate. She will lick the door continuously.  When we had her she was happy to lay at my feet and sleep. She never destroyed anything.

Your reason for wanting to find a new home for the animal?
The home we adopted her to now says they want to do fostering and are concerned about her behavior toward visitors.  They knew when they took her that she had to be an only dog.    We have to stop rescue.  My wife is stressed so bad she can't sleep.  We have 6 dogs of our own plus two more rescues and in the past month I have made a mistake and let two of the alpha's together and had some bad fights.  Last Friday was the worst. I managed to break it up but it put me in the hospital for surgery on my shredded and broken thumb.  Some pictures at the bottom of this page.   We can no longer take rescues in, no matter how bad it makes us feel, it's just too heartbreaking and stressful. We are writing the family with some references for training and hope we can help them train and keep her. But if they are just using the excuses because they no longer want her then nothing we can tell them will change their mind.

Your name
Bob and Gabriella Smith
CENTEX Akita/German Shepherd Referral (no longer rescue)

Email address

Daytime phone number

The following pictures are not in order chronologically

When we took KellySue in she was very sick and bleeding from her eye sockets.
Once we had her eye sockets cleaned out and sewn shut she recovered  very fast.


Nov 17 2001

KellySue likes climbing on the furniture. Some of the pictures are grainy.  The battery's needed replacing.
KellySue is curious, what is all the fuss?
But she soon curls up on the couch.

Time to go to her new home.

 Kelly running loose on our back property
She can see "fine" 


She heads back to the house, 
leaving me in the back

Almost Christmas and almost 1 year old
I thought I would get some pictures of KellySue out with our dogs. That was quickly re-evaluated and back inside the run we went.

KellySue doesn't fence fight.

But she loves to run the fence with our Blitz.


KellySue, on the first hot day of the year

She knows the Kong means some treats inside.

Throwing the Kong. Not too far, when it bounces she knows the direction to go.

The Kong is still rolling.

She "sees" with her ears and nose.

She shook the treats out, now she's rewarded.