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Breed (including description of coat length and color)
Akita, butterscotch short hair

When we took KellySue in she was very sick and bleeding from her eye sockets.
Once we had her eye sockets cleaned out and sewn shut she recovered  very fast.


Nov 17 2001

Almost Christmas and almost 1 year old
I thought I would get some pictures of KellySue out with our dogs.  Bad idea
That was quickly re-evaluated and back inside the run we went.

KellySue doesn't fence fight.

But she loves to run the fence with our Blitz.


KellySue, on the first hot day of the year

She knows the Kong means some treats inside.

Throwing the Kong. Not too far, when it bounces she knows the direction to go.

The Kong is still rolling.

She "sees" with her ears and nose.

She shook the treats out, now she's rewarded.